OCS Offer another solution which is a property management system which is computerized systems that facilitate the management of properties, personal property, equipment, including maintenance, legalities and personnel all through a single piece of software.

PMS for Clubs


Gives you the ability to customize the information you need to register in members profiles, opens a channel of communication between you and the members, provides you with analytics for memberships data


Enables you to manage the reservations club, you can customize the reservations according to time periods, online reservation for special members and analytics on the performance of your facilities and reservations.

Facilities Management

In case your establishment has other facilities on site such as restaurants, booths, or rental courts. This system enables you Monitor Sales, manage inventory and a promise to pay ledger.

PMS for Hotels

Reception System

Enables your front desk receptionists to provide a high quality service to your hotel residents with options as manage bookings directly or update them with simple point and click controls.

Facilities Management

Hotels have a lot of onsite facilities, with our system you have better control on your points of sales outlets such as SPAs, GYM, Restaurant and travel desk. All of those item will be rounded up on the guest bill as soon as he provide his room number on the system.


Our system provides your hotel a timely management over you housekeeping services and scheduling


Advanced analytics system to help you monitor and control you hotels performance, forecast development chances.

Why use OCS Property Management Solution?

  • Automation of your facilities processes.
  • Provide accurate reports on your facilities performance
  • Accurate billing system eliminates human error
  • Scalable to the size of your establishment